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The Aztecs : the truth about sacrifices & other customs

An excerpt from the new e-book;
“After careful and systematic study of the sources, I find no sign of evidence of institutionalized mass human sacrifice among the Aztecs. The phenomenon to be studied, therefore, may not be these supposed sacrifices but the deeply rooted belief that they occurred,” wrote Dr. Peter Hassler, an ethnologist at the University of Zurich.

Discover for yourself the truth about the Aztecs and their practices. The Aztecs is a deep collaboration offering personal insights, stories and photographs as shared by the people themselves.

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A New Book Series focused on Creating Awareness for Human Rights through Real Collaborations

The first in a series of books from documentary photographer Wesley Billingslea that will focus on raising awareness about a number of cultures that have either been forgotten or misunderstood.

These "lost cultures" have much in common - from the economic survival of their people, whose lives are often filled with racism and endless human rights challenges, to the attempts to keep their own ancient traditions alive.

Each volume will feature striking black and white photographs and will be accompanied by illuminating text, much of which has been supplied by the same people whose lives have been directly impacted by - in some cases - hundreds of years of untruths and skewed histories. For many, these collaborative efforts will be the first opportunities to break misconceptions about their respective cultures by voicing their own opinions, views and historical truths.

Lost Cultures: The Aztecs, the first in this enlightening series of books, will finally reveal the truth about one of the most prolific and often misunderstood civilizations in history and how, despite beliefs to the contrary, its people live on today. From human sacrifices to the Spanish conquest, one of the first known acts of genocide, this book will provide a truthful and unflinching view of the Aztecs' real history, not an account contrived by outsiders.


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