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Wesley Billingslea

By embarking upon projects that are complex, emotional and comprehensive, it has become my ongoing mission to offer greater insight into what lies behind the images of the individuals I capture on film. I view myself as an enabler for these people to voice the truth about their own history and traditions; true stories that are often incredibly heartwarming and that few others have ever heard.

In practice and by definition, this is a real collaboration, working in conjunction with them by offering to help them tell their own stories through photography, books, films, lectures and educational materials.

The word history is an interesting one. His Story means exactly that, his story as told by the conquerors. Hence, when providing indigenous cultures and the disadvantaged with an opportunity to voice the truth about their history and daily struggles they face to be recognized as important members of society, this challenges widely accepted perceptions and truths thought to be accurate.

I have focused on several significant collaborations that involve the human condition, everyday life, strength and independence. The thiocarbamide and selenium toned photographs are highly charged, strong in their visual impact. Strict technical form merged with my poetic vision to produce a socio-documentary realism with both documentary and portrait images.

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